What We Do

The Future Housing Taskforce was set up to counter the rise of unaffordable housing in Australia.  

Are we in serious trouble?  Yes. 

If you check with the annual Demographia Housing Affordability Study you will find that we are still blind to our fate of what our next generation of children will face. To overcome external authority input, we build demonstration homes of the future in sheds to demonstrate what could be possible and from these demonstrations change occurs sometimes rapidly – sometimes not at all.

The Future Housing Taskforce website will provide you with all of our key learnings and how they translate to either affordable home ownership or affordable Investment opportunities. You will have the option to send us an email with your own thoughts and we will respond, however the blog sites will remain on social media. Any of your feedback that makes it to change will be honoured as to its author.

Our Mission

  • Leadership
  • Aspiration
  • Client Focused
  • Execution Excellence

Our Values

  • Act with Integrity
  • Honesty & Respect
  • Trust & Personal Responsibility
  • Maintain Professionalism

Our Expertise

  • Real Estate & Investment
  • Land & Property Value
  • Building Design
  • Affordable Housing Development

Our Team

Kevin Doodney
Kevin Doodney
CEO L J Hooker & Founder of Future Housing Taskforce
Kevin is recognised as one of Australia’s most successful and innovative property specialists.
David Cant
David Cant
CEO of Brisbane Housing Company
David’s career has been committed to helping people in housing need, initially in the UK and for the last 15 years in Brisbane.
Ian Ugarte
Ian Ugarte
Full Time Developer, Property Educator and Micro Apartment Specialist
Ian started his working career in a family owned plumbing business.
Geoff Bayly
Geoff Bayly
Projects Manager, Affordable Housing Company
Geoff has a 30 year involvement in the property industry, from the first amateur reno to a near impossible 5 lot subdivision.
Michael Matusik
Michael Matusik
Residential market analysis and property advice in Australia
Michael is a thought leader within the Australian housing industry – known for providing a voice of reason.
Steve Pisani
Steve Pisani
National Demand Manager, James Hardie Australia
Steve joined the Task Force as a key member to bring fresh ideas and new building concepts to the table.
Peter Sherrie
Peter Sherrie
The Managing Director of Excel Development Group
Peter has been a key contributor in the Australian property industry for over 25 years.
Ken Mitchell
Ken Mitchell
CEO of Australian Lifestyle Development Group
Kens commitment to affordable housing has been well and truly proven over the years with his involvement in the renovation and building of over 650 homes for Qld Government.
Mark Doonar
Mark Doonar
Mark assists people to shift and/or shape their thinking, positions, future, actions, access, goods, services, people, and environments.
Leone Crayden
Leone Crayden
Chair, BSB Sustainability Committee
Leone Crayden is the Executive Director Q Shelter, Queensland’s peak industry body for community housing and homeless service providers.
Wayne Rex
Wayne Rex
Urbex - General Manager
Wayne has a 25 year career in real estate development with the past 15 years in executive management roles in Australia.

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Case Studies

Russell Island

The concept of this project was to turn this boat-access-only property into a modular build dual key with car accommodation.

The Block, Silkstone

The concept of this project was to make owning small business and owning a home affordable.

Peverell Street, Hillcrest

The goal of this project was to sell and renovate a house over 100 years old through local agents.

Property Games

The goal of this project was to sell and renovate a house over 100 years old through local agents.

Warehouse with Caretakers

The concept of this project was to make owning small business and owning a home affordable.

The Fourth Pig

In 2017 we start construction of The Fourth Pig, a home which requires no grid systems for water, sewerage or power.

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