Project Description

The Fourth Pig

In 2017 we start construction of The Fourth Pig, the choice of the name is to break away from the current story of straw and sticks are a disaster and only bricks can save our 3 little pigs.

The Fourth Pig is a home that requires no grid systems of Water, Sewerage or Power EVER. The home is also sensitive to passive technology with ceiling up from 2.4 to 5.6 meters in places with North Facing ventilation systems. It also has a list of latest and greatest features such as full glass bathrooms that switch to non-see through instantly.

The Selection Process:

In looking at the varying locations across Queensland the final decision was Mount Tamborine being about 1 hour from Brisbane and 30 minutes from The Gold Coast. The Home selected was built as a standard 3 bedroom Brick and tile home around 200sq meters in size. The transformation of this home into a completely different design is to demonstrate how we can renovate an on grid home to an off grid home of the future.

Step One: Finding the Design Team.

Nick and Kelly Young of Living Happens were asked to head up the design team and from their various site visits have presented the transformation of an existing dwelling to what we describe as the Fourth Pig.

This design adds about another 100sq. metres and is the very first time the Future Housing Task Force has endorsed a large home solution. The logic behind demonstrating a large home off grid is to remove the thinking that being off grid is only for small spaces. At the same time we are in discussions for another demonstration home that is small in keeping with our brief of The return of The Great Australian Dream but that is a separate case study. This home is being launched on April 15th 2016 at The Brisbane Convention and exhibition centre.

Building The Model:

Dallyn Searle a second generation Model Maker operating as Gold Coast Model Prototypes has been asked to transform the 2D plans to a 3D solution and as his skills from major planned estates to high rise are second to none Dallyon has not disappointed. The model will give you and incredible touch as feel as to how the home will look at Completion. More importantly the model is on show for all of 2015 so anyone interested in The future of Housing Off Grid can comment on the plan and design and make changes that benefit our fourth little piggy.


Once the demonstration home has been completed in 2017 we are looking for sites to recreate our lessons learned in whole community design. Imagine selection of a site that requires no water, power or sewerage. building hundreds of homes using this technology in areas where currently it is too expensive to service with on grid services. It opens up the driest inhabited continent on Planet Earth where currently our only options on paper are to be coastal areas or major city locations over regional and outback.

For those of you out there who want to be a part of history as to The Future of Housing in Australia just go to our contact us section and ask to sign onto updates of this exciting project.