6 Properties on 680

In this video series, Kevin Doodney, founder of the Future Housing Taskforce will explain how higher density smart homes can provide a huge opportunity for investors to make excellent returns as well as creating a positive social impact.

Video 1: Increasing Density To Provide Socially Impactful, Affordable Housing

Find out how this is achievable with Kevin in the video above.

Video 2: 6 Homes on 680 Square Meters

These properties sit on a 20m wide frontage, and allows us to put six homes on 680 square meters. Watch the video to find out how this has done and why we need to bring this forgotten housing model back.

Video 3: 6 Homes on 680 Square Meters and 3 Homes On 350 Square Meters

This project is the last of 26 properties on one lot. The first was 3 dwellings on 350sqm and then 6 dwellings on 680sqm, so while some are saying a block at 350sqm is too small for a home, check out 3 on 350sqm and 6 on 680sqm.

Video 4: 25 Homes In Place Of A Cottage - Sold for $195K each - affordable!

In this video, Kevin Doodney, Founder of the Future Housing Taskforce shows how investors were able to make decent profits by providing homes sold for $195K each. Affordable and socially impactful. Find out how this was done by watching the video.

Video 5: 26 Townhouse Site Turns Into A 36 Home Site

In this project Kevin Doodney, Founder of the Future Housing Taskforce turned a 26 Townhouse Site into 36 home site, saving $6 Million Dollars in funding, the profits of which are passed on to the investor. That means that more investor profit, and affordable brand new, smarter smaller homes for people to buy.

To find out more about how you can invest in your own project of 6 apartments, contact us below: