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We are building Mortgage free homes have a look at our Channel 7 Better Homes and Gardens episode below.

Additionally, we can show you a plan of how you can move into your own home with up to $60,000 in passive income in your Principal Place of Residence. Contact us for further information.

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Rooming Houses 8% + Returns

In this video series, Kevin Doodney, founder of the Future Housing Taskforce will explain how higher density smart homes can provide a huge opportunity for investors to make excellent returns as well as creating a positive social impact.

Introduction To Rooming Houses Video Series

Rooming Houses Part 1 – 200th Rooming House

Kevin Doodney speaks with Brennan who has built 200 rooming houses in 3 years, totalling 1,000 rooms. Here is how it works - part 1

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Rooming Houses Part 2 - The Tour Of The 200th Rooming House

Kevin Doodney, Founder of the Future Housing goes for a tour with Brennan. See for yourself how it works visually.

Rooming Houses Part 3 – The Team

Smarter Small Home and Rooming Houses Banyo Part 1

Smarter Small Home and Rooming Houses Banyo Part 2

Smarter Small Home and Rooming Houses Banyo Part 3