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Founder of Future Housing Taskforce

Kevin Doodney

Kevin Doodney, Founder Future Housing Taskforce
Smarter Smaller Housing Solutions For 8%+ Investments & Affordable Home Ownership

With 40 years of experience in real estate, and 10 years as Founder & Chairman of the Future Housing Taskforce, Kevin Doodney is Australia’s leading expert in Smarter Smaller housing solutions for affordable home ownership and commercial returns on residential property. This includes 8%+ return investment properties, low deposit investment properties, 20-year lease NDIS investments, no/low deposit smart homes, mortgage free housing and smarter smaller homes.

Kevin’s innovations have been featured on Channel 7 Better Homes & Gardens, A Current Affair, ABC Television, 4BC, The Courier Mail, Quest Newspapers and more.

Kevin and the entire Future Housing Taskforce membership aims to solve the huge housing crisis in Australia through Smarter homes which offers a win/win for everyone involved:

  • Investors have a huge, virtually untapped opportunity for high return, high social impact property investments, or living mortgage free.
  • Renters get high quality, tech smart living spaces and micro-communities that are affordable.
  • Home buyers get no/low deposit entry into the property market with inbuilt solutions to have their mortgage paid for them – even better than the Great Australian Dream of home ownership!
  • Australia benefits with more people being able to buy their own home and investment properties, as well as creating smarter, more sustainable communities.

Here are some examples of what Kevin has helped his clients achieve:

  1. In the Next Gen Boarding house space, working with the local council to gain acceptance of new products that for this client brings them to $1,000,000 in income per annum. Kevin holds boot camps to teach how this is done and the teams who are doing it.
  2. 6 homes on 680sqm, in recognizing the right sites across Australia known as Transport Orientated Developments and working with the teams we have delivered 6 titles where there was only 1, creating huge uplift in the value of your portfolio.
  3. 3 homes on 350sqm, the challenge to hand over 3 finished homes under $200,000 for either end users or investors starting out and exceptional returns of over $300 per week.
  4. 4. With Tracy Barrell as the ambassador for N.D.I.S. we have managed to uncomplicated the mountains of barriers to entry in bringing real solutions and long-term leases for the participants, showing double digit returns and a social impact portfolio.
  5. With our Brisbane builder handing over the 200th rooming house that’s 1,000 rooms in three years, renting on average for $300 per week, creating a $75,000 return on a $750,000 investment and with interest rates at historical lows double digit returns is a growing trend.
  6. Mortgage Free Homes are lessons learned from the world stage where Co-Housing is common. Our featured build on Better Homes and Gardens saw over 1.2 million viewers go crazy on the possibilities of living in your own sub penthouse and renting 4 separate spaces while you maintained absolute privacy in your own space. The return pays all mortgage costs and creates surplus cash income from your principal place of residence.
  7. Ben’s House this was our latest challenge where we had to create a space suitable for Ben’s first home within his $320,000 budget, turnkey, that also had some co-share space which could reduce Ben’s mortgage costs down to around $90.00 per week rather than the usual $400 per week which Ben wanted to avoid in his first home.
  8. Our Smarter Smaller series launched in 2009 and created uplift of $200,000 in handover by building 2 homes at 120sqm each instead of a standard 4-bedroom home at 240sqm on the same block. On completion we handed over 2 titles instead on one and an income of $900.00 plus per week instead on $450.00 on one home. This expanded to over 1,000 builds across Australia.
  9. In 2016 we launched Smarter Small 2 that at 65sqm rented for the same as most 4-bedroom homes in Australia using a whole new approach to how you design homes of tomorrow. It’s unique approach to housing is based on square metre return, similar to commercial thinking and is proving popular in retirement markets and building robust portfolios.

These are a sample of some of our students work and with a new product nearing completion called ‘Warehouse’ with your home on top of your business it is a game changer for consideration of business and home in one location, massively reducing mortgage costs.

We will continue to deliver all of these as video-based stories as they complete so we can share the incredible things the Future Housing TaskForce is bringing to the most unaffordable nation in the English-speaking world

Be part of a brighter future for all Australians. Join the Future Housing Taskforce today at www.futurehousingtaskforce.com.au

Board member of NHFIC

David Cant

Board member of the newly created National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation (NHFIC.gov.au)

My primary interest at the present time is promoting the contribution of community housing provider organisations (CHPs) to the well-being of those in need in Australia.

I was pleased to be assisted in pursuing this goal by my recent (July 2018) appointment to the Board of the newly created National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation (NHFIC.gov.au) a Commonwealth sponsored corporation that has powers that include the ability to fund and develop the capacity of CHPs.

I am also proud to be an independent director on the both the board of PowerHousing Australia and the Community Housing Industry Association QLD branch (CHIA QLD) two independent (member controlled and funded) organisations promoting better housing for those in need in Australia.

My role at Brisbane Housing Company (BHC) was as founding CEO. I helped create and then led that start up organization for its first 15 years of growth. By 2017 BHC had created over 1800 new homes and had assets of over $300m. BHC secured a Standard and Poor’s rating of AA- in 2016 which achievement was a first for a CHP in Australia.

For over 40 years I have been committed to provision of housing for those in housing need and on low incomes. Prior to coming to Queensland I was CEO of New Islington Housing Association a charity operating in inner London with a portfolio of 6000 homes. At earlier stages of my career I performed senior management roles across all functions within a “not for dividend” housing organization, including development, finance, tenancy management and support services, I also worked at a senior level in the regulation branch of the Housing Corporation the Government agency in England which had responsibility for funding and supervising the affordable housing sector. I was a Board member of Swale Housing Association a “stock transfer” association in Kent with 7000 homes.

Residential market analysis and property advice in Australia

Michael Matusik

Michael is a thought leader within the Australian housing industry – known for providing a voice of reason.

Michael is a thought leader within the Australian housing industry – known for providing a voice of reason.  A 26 year industry veteran, Michael has long been a passionate supporter of residential property; and has helped close to 600 new residential projects come to fruition.

Michael heads Matusik Property Insights, a property advisory firm based in Brisbane, which he established in the late 1990s, providing project advice, market research, advocacy and support services for new residential property.

National Demand Manager, James Hardie Australia

Steve Pisani

Steve joined the Task Force as a key member to bring fresh ideas and new building concepts to the table.

Steve has worked with the company since 1976, his focus is on working with the building industry to unearth smarter ways to build homes as well as creating innovative products and systems with the objective of providing sustainable building solutions for the future. Steve joined the Taskforce as a key member to bring fresh ideas and new building concepts to the table. ‘We are committed to building sustainable homes in Australia. By working closely with the housing industry, builder and developers we believe we can make a difference.”

General Manager of Urbex

Peter Sherrie

Peter has been a key contributor in the Australian property industry for over 25 years.

Originally a consulting civil engineer, my career has led me to my current position as the General Manager of Urbex, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the long standing national property and construction company, the BMD Group. Through previous roles I have been a major contributor to the Australian property sector for over 25 years with previous roles including Managing Director of Excel Development Group, and delivering master planned communities with Stockland, Delfin / Lendlease and Peter Kurts Properties.

As an industry expert in property development, I have extensive experience in strategic business development and leading professionals to drive high performing teams and profitability. Joining Urbex in 2017, I bring a track record of experience to support the business in delivering a national project portfolio in excess of $1.2 billion (end value) and securing future development opportunities.

I have been deeply involved with industry bodies including the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) having carried out the roles of State and National President and subsequently being awarded the honor of Life Member for both Chapters. I am passionate about the future of Australia as one of the founding members of the Future Housing Taskforce encompassing a group of key industry leaders to bring back the Great Australian Dream of home ownership, and a former board member for Brisbane Marketing.

CEO of Australian Lifestyle Development Group

Ken Mitchell

Kens commitment to affordable housing has been well and truly proven over the years with his involvement in the renovation and building of over 650 homes for Qld Government.

Kens commitment to affordable housing has been well and truly proven over the years with his involvement in the renovation and building of over 650 homes for the Qld State Government in conjunction with Kevin Doodney. This massive undertaking saw the entire suburb of Inala transformed with strong growth in property prices for lower income families, community pride reclaimed.

ALDG comprises of a Guild of builders currently completing nearly 800 homes a year and is the recent winner of the “Logan City Architectural Award” for small lot innovation, with tri key and granny flats which are perfect examples of what can be achieved in a suburb if you bring solid design principles and quality building into place. Homes that our nurses, police, teachers and fire fighters can afford is essential to all communities and we have a responsibility to work harder to deliver this.

Project Manager with Articulous Communications

Mark Doonar

Mark assists people to shift and/or shape their thinking, positions, future, actions, access, goods, services, people, and environments.

He has 35+ years of professional practice for government (Commonwealth, State and Local) agencies, private clients and not-for-profit community organisations in: strategic planning of organisations, projects and programs, project delivery and asset improvement, stakeholder engagement and independent facilitation, statutory planning and development approvals and master planning and urban design.

Mark is known as a leader and professional strategist who proactively engages stakeholders; collaborates with quality people with relevant skills and disciplines; brokers the planning, design and delivery of projects to responsibly present private and public sector interests; and harnesses the economic drivers of projects.

Mark is an accomplished public speaker and has taught undergraduate and post-graduate planning, design, transport, and urban development courses.

Mark is a Project Manager with Articulous Communications, widely regarded as Australia’s most ground-breaking engagement and communication consultancy.

The Chief Executive Officer The Buttery.

Leone Crayden

Leone has a long and distinguished history as a visionary leader in mental health, community housing and homelessness, social welfare, and disability in executive and front-line positions.

She holds a Masters of Business Administration, a Graduate Diploma of Social Science, a Graduate Certificate in Governance, and an Advanced Graduate Diploma in Community Sector Management and Registered Nurse Training.

Currently the Chief Executive Officer of the The Buttery in northern NSW, previous to this role Leone was the Executive Director of Q Shelter, the peak body for community housing and homeless services across Queensland.

She holds and has held a number of Executive Board Positions in the social welfare, health, mental health, homelessness and housing sectors. Currently the Co-Chair of the NSW Health Agency for Clinical Innovation Mental Health Network

Director – Dodds & Bumbu

Wayne Rex

Wayne has a 25 year career in real estate development with the past 15 years in executive management roles in Australia.

Dip. Business (Valuation), Grad. Dip Project Management, Licensed Real Estate Agent (QLD & N.T), Registered Valuer (QLD)Wayne has over two decades of experience in the property development industry previously holding senior executive positions within national and international institutional and private investment companies including extensive offshore experience in the United States, New Zealand, and South Africa.

Wayne’s previous roles have included Managing Director and Head of Funds Management for Trinity Development Group, Chief Executive Officer of Macquarie Bank’s Urban Pacific and National General Manager – Business Development, at Stockland.

Wayne is a past National Board Member of the Property Council of Australia (2009-2012) and past QLD President (2009-2012). Wayne is an Associate of the Australian Property Institute and an active presenter on a range of issues affecting the Australian Urban Development Industry.

The Future Housing Taskforce was set up to counter the rise of unaffordable housing in Australia.

Are we in serious trouble? Yes.  

If you check with the annual Demographia Housing Affordability Study you will find that we are still blind to our fate of what our next generation of children will face. 

To overcome external authority input, we build demonstration homes of the future in sheds to demonstrate what could be possible and from these demonstrations change occurs sometimes rapidly – sometimes not at all.

The Future Housing Taskforce website will provide you with all of our key learnings and how they translate to either affordable home ownership or affordable Investment opportunities. You will have the option to send us an email with your own thoughts and we will respond, however the blog sites will remain on social media. Any of your feedback that makes it to change will be honoured as to its author.

Our Mission

  • Diversity of housing
  • Smarter housing solutions
  • 8% to 10% returns for investors
  • Future Housing Expo
  • Disability housing

Our Values

  • Maintaining independent voice
  • Connecting the community on housing futures
  • Working with housing providers in the private sectors and hearing all opinions

Our Expertise

  • Done for you deals
  • Smart homes with 8%+ investor returns
  • New models around Co-Housing
  • NxGen Housing products