6 Properties on 680SqM 8%+ Returns

6 homes on 680sqm? The Future Housing Taskforce has the expertise to source the suitable sites for these developments across Australia, known as Transport Orientated Developments. Working with our team of experts, we have delivered 6 titles where there was only 1, creating huge uplift in the value of the investor’s portfolio.

The important thing to recognize when constructing these developments are:

  1. Use the latest methods and materials to reduce building costs without compromising quality. These properties are for long term home buyers or investors, so they need to be built to last with minimal maintenance.
  2. Use the latest technologies to increase the aesthetics of the home. We want them to look like a beautiful space to live and deliver high value for money in the marketplace.
  3. Use cutting edge techniques to make the highest and best use of space to create smaller, smarter, tech savvy homes to live in which is affordable to rent, buy or invest in.

To find out more about how you can invest in your own project of 6 apartments, contact us below: