8%+ Return Investments and $1Million Plus Per Annum Returns

Kevin Doodney explains by providing smart, next gen accommodation you can attract fantastic tenants that will give investors excellent, reliable returns of over 8%+ per annum. One of his clients has achieved over $1 Million Dollars Per Annum doing this.

Here is what Nigel, Kevin’s client has to say:

Next Generation Boarding and Rooming House Four Part Video Series

The next generation boarding house legislation in N.S.W only, is a game changer, allowing for returns of over $624,000 per year based on $300 rent per week, per room, with 40 rooms on one lot. This is massive rental return and provides affordable and ethical accommodation for those in need.

Video 1 – Next Generation Boarding and Rooming Houses

Video 2 – Fourty Four Room Next Generation Rooming House In Newcastle

Video 3 – Thirty Six Room Next Generation Rooming House

Video 4 – 12M Frontage Home Into 16 Tenancies With Next Gen Design

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