Kevin Doodney

Position: Australian Housing Futurist & Founder of Future Housing Taskforce
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Kevin Doodney, Australian Housing Futurist and Founder Future Housing Taskforce
Innovator of Smarter Smaller Housing Solutions For 8%+ Investments & Affordable Home Ownership

With 40 years of experience in real estate, and 10 years as Founder & Chairman of the Future Housing Taskforce, Kevin Doodney is an Australian Housing Futurist, and a cutting-edge expert in Smarter Smaller housing. Kevin has been involved with over 20,000 property transactions and over $2 billion in real estate deals.

Kevin is passionate about creating innovative solutions for, and educating on, the future of Australian Housing.

These solutions include smarter smaller homes, 6 homes on 680sqm, 3 homes on 350sqm, low deposit smart homes, mortgage free housing, rooming houses, flood effected homes revitalization, NDIS and emergency housing solutions.

Kevin is a strong advocate that the private sector can make a huge and expedient impact to help solve the rental crisis, providing there is a win/win.  As such, Kevin has been helping investors build 8%+ return, high growth portfolios, that increase rental supply in high demand areas for the last 12 years.

These portfolios have been scaled to 5, 6 and even 7 figures per annum.

As the Director of the High Yield Property Club, Kevin has been able to scale his work in the private sector, assisting members to acquire Rooming Houses in Brisbane with optimal ROI.

Kevin’s innovations have been featured on Channel 7 Better Homes & Gardens, A Current Affair, ABC Television, 4BC, The Courier Mail, SBS news, The Guardian and more.

Kevin is a fellow of the Urban Development Institute of Australia, and a fellow of the Real Estate Institute of Australia.

Kevin has worked with organizations such as The Queensland Government, Brisbane City Council, The Commonwealth Government, ANZ Bank, The Minister Of Housing, The Supercheap group, Esanda Finance, James Hardie, Colorbond and the Hyatt Regency.

Kevin has also worked with and consulted for over 100 property developers in Australia including Mirvac, Stockland, Delfin, Peet limited, Multiplex and the Pradella Group.

Kevin’s interest in the future of housing began in 1985, when working in master planned communities that lead him to achieve over 180 awards in the property sector between 1979 to 2019.

Here is a snapshot of his projects:

1999 to 2007 rebuilding Inala under a government collaboration called New Beginning. This involved gentrification of the suburb through new builds and renovation to over 650 homes.

2009 Launch of the Trademarked Smarter Smaller Homes range that saw over 5000 people from Government, Architectural, Development and building sectors to comment on a home half the size of the average new home in Australia, and at a new affordable price point.

2010 Recognising a potential housing crisis Kevin looked at affordability and innovation on a 12 state American tour, with a new approach to how housing could work globally. He also attended by invitation the Scottish Housing Expo which showcased some 52 cutting edge homes that featured highest and best use of space coupled with sustainability, something that had not been considered in Australia at that time.

2011 A new range of flood homes in a competition with our fellow Task force member from Archicentre, that showcased some amazing solutions for flood affected areas. These solutions enabled people to rebuild houses that would protect from further flood damage.

2012 to 2017 The building of a home with Habitat for Humanity in 11 days at Bidwell, in New South Wales, and various other charity concepts to showcase what could be done in a very short time frame

2017 Launch of the partnership between Q Shelter for a two-day event called This Changes Everything. This facilitated a brain trusts over 2 days to brainstorm next generation housing,

2018 Our first Mortgage Free Home, where we built a home in 2 parts that allowed for one level of the house to be rented out for a similar amount as the whole mortgage, giving benefits to both owner and tenant which lead to a new range of principal places of residence that can house up to 4 tenants and also be the family home.

2019 Next Gen event in 2019 with 200 people including our youth, government, private real estate companies . This event was a culmination of over 30 years of preparation to birth a new way of delivering communities.

2019 Culmination of our Property Games mentoring program which showcased 13 young adults from 18 years to 22 years on how to become tomorrow’s property developers.

2020 A major study completed on Tiny Homes that showcased renovated caravans, that will lead to our major launch of immediate emergency housing solutions for Government in September 2023.

2022 A focus on Sacred Spaces for tenants seeking fully furnished rental accommodation, with no water, power or electricity bills, at a cost currently unavailable in the Australian rental market, with a commitment to deliver over 1,000 rooms in 1 year to December 2023.

2023 New real estate products under development for launch in mid-2024 to alleviate the housing crisis in Australia.

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