Smarter Smaller Homes

The future of housing and investor returns is the smarter smaller home, giving renters fantastic value for money, and new, tech savvy living spaces. Kevin Doodney explains this further in the video below:

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Smarter Small Homes - Guided Tour With Kevin Doodney

Smarter Small Homes - Guided Tour With Kevin Doodney

In this video Kevin will show you through two amazing smarter smaller homes - 65 square meters which will be wonderful for two families for $100,000 - which can even be attached to your existing home and provide two rental incomes for you, and give two families the opportunity to rent a brand new family home for a fraction of the cost of a normal rental.

Smarter Smaller Home Designs

In this video, you will get a 3D visualisation of smarter smaller home designs and how they work.

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